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Getting What You Paid for. Guaranteed.

Take the effort out of getting onto the top search engines with a monthly Search Engine Marketing (SEM) program. SEM is a performance-based online advertising technique that uses Paid Inclusion and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns to generate targeted click-thru traffic to your website. Unlike fixed-cost advertising models typically associated with traditional media, with SEM you incur charges only for the results that are achieved through a PPC campaign — hence the name, "Pay-Per-Click".

PPC search engine marketing is one of the most powerful forms of media buying. It allows organizations to purchase paid links or text ads on search engines, with many of the paid listings appearing at the top of the search engine results. PPC can be incredibly effective when properly managed; however, many organizations grossly mismanage their PPC campaigns, wasting thousands on poorly targeted ads.

How We Do It

MembersFirst™ brings unique insight and a complete set of expert services to each client engagement, including:

Keyword Research

A major benefit of PPC search engine marketing is the flexibility to select and bid on a potentially infinite number of keywords and keywords phrases. Your PPC ads have the ability to appear on a broad phrase or exact keyword matching level based on search engine queries. This allows you to engage potential prospects at various points in the purchase consideration cycle.

The keyword research process also helps MembersFirst™ define "negative" keywords, which describe what your service is not. This helps ensure your PPC campaign remains targeted and the monthly budget is spent on delivering highly relevant prospects.


One of the most effective PPC segmentation tools for delivering ads to your prospects is Geo-Targeting, which allows you to serve ads to select search engine users based on where they are geographically located. When appropriate, Geo-Targeting can deliver your ads from the most granular level (by ZIP CODE) to the broadest level (by continent).

Ad Variations

A critical part of running an effective PPC campaign is the multi-variant or A/B testing of your ads. Over a several month period we collect data on which ads are performing best. This data, along with industry knowledge and experience, allows the MembersFirst™ team to create powerful ad text that attracts qualified prospects.

Landing Page Development

A prospect has clicked on your ad - now what? Your ad directs the prospect to your website and specifically to what is referred to as a "landing page". The MembersFirst™ team will help you develop a landing page that is properly designed and offers compelling content that helps convert your prospect into a member.

Return-on-Investment (ROI) Tracking

ROI is the key PPC marketing metric of conversion that is closely monitored by our team. A conversion occurs when a prospect visits your site, performs the desired action, and converts into a member for your club. Conversion tracking allows us to evaluate the effectiveness of ad text and landing pages.

Budget Analysis

Based on an initial analysis of campaign objectives and our deep understanding of the PPC marketplace, we make recommendations on how to most effectively work within your budget. The ongoing budget analysis we offer will help determine optimum monthly spending levels. The analysis also includes the impact on key PPC marketing metrics like impressions, clicks, and conversions.

Campaign Management

PPC search engine marketing requires a continual tweaking process. The changes ensure your ads have a high quality score, resulting in the lowest possible cost-per-click and optimal positioning among competitor ads in search results. Our monthly reporting and consulting calls create an ongoing communication channel to keep clients up to date on the state of their marketing efforts.