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Proven Techniques for Better Visibility

Search engines have become the number one resource for people seeking information online. Holding a top position on today's search engines directly equates to increased awareness, greater website traffic, more leads, and, ultimately a higher number of qualified prospects.

SEO is the process of "naturally" or "organically" improving your website's position in response to a user's keyword search. Good rank and position on the results page will lead to a higher volume of quality traffic to your website. Search engines use programs called "spiders" that "crawl" the Web and use ever-changing algorithms to determine where your website should rank when a user types in a particular search term. We apply industry-accepted and-proven best practices (known as "white hat" practices) in an effective manner to optimize and achieve desirable search engine rankings. We offer a broad array of expertise and service in the following areas:

Keyword Research

Keywords and keyword phrases, which are coded into the site behind its design, are one of the many factors influencing natural search engine results. The spiders that search engines send out to crawl websites look, read, and index pages of the site based on their relevancy to the search term.

As part of our SEO Advisory service, we analyze your existing website to determine what keywords, if any, are currently working for you. Then we compare your existing keywords to our recommended keywords using the latest tools and analytics. This process ensures MembersFirst™ identifies the best set of keywords to properly target (typically those that describe your business, market, service, amenities, location, etc.).

Search Engine Rank Reporting

Knowing what words and phrases people might use to search the Web and find your site is an essential component of any well-executed search engine positioning campaign. It begins with understanding how your site ranks in its current form. Our search specialists conduct preliminary research to identify how your site performs among the major search engines (Google, MSN, and Yahoo). At the conclusion of this research we produce a detailed Initial Search Engine Ranking Report that summarizes your site's listing, ranking, and position based on its current keywords.

Code Optimization

Since the end goal of search engine optimization is to achieve prominent placement for the right keywords, rather than tricking the search engines into listing your web pages, we ensure the appropriate keywords are incorporated into your site. The research is followed by the design and placement of the appropriate keywords, keyword phrases, meta tags, and page descriptions into the source code of the pages of your website. It's this development and code optimization that ensures the greatest probability your site is found by search engines and that the most qualified users will find specific pages within your site relevant to their search query.

Site Map Development

Site maps provide search engine spiders with a directed path through which to navigate, crawl, and read pages of your website, essentially serving as a guided or forced tour of the pages you wish to be found and read. Well-conceived and-implemented sitemaps create the certainty of being found and indexed favorably in keyword search results.

Your MembersFirst™ SEO expert will develop the static site map and provide extensive links to the public section pages of your site. In most cases, search engines have developed new technology and methods that allow webmasters to map out and submit their website structure in a way that assists spiders with indexing your site. Where appropriate, MembersFirst™ will also create XML site maps for direct submission to search engines.

Inbound Link Strategy

Relevancy-based search engines use linking to determine the relative credibility of one site versus another with respect to specific subject matter. "Link popularity" as it's called, is another factor in achieving favorable natural (non-paid) search engine rankings. This is especially true with Google. "Linking" refers to the existence of external links from sites that link to yours, such as related industry association sites, chamber of commerce sites, and directory sites. MembersFirst™ works with you to help identify the sources and increase the number, quality, and manner in which external sites are linked to yours. These links can have considerable impact on your ability to achieve and maintain prominent positioning your keywords.

Search Engine Submission

The final phase in the search engine optimization process is to make sure your newly optimized site is included in the indexes of the major search engines. We'll perform research to determine if your site is listed. Where you are not listed, we will manually submit your site to the top search engines (MSN, Yahoo, and Google), where more than 90% of searches originate.

Website Analytics

Once prominent placement of your keywords has been achieved, site owners need to know how much traffic these keywords are producing. Website traffic can easily be tracked through analytics software. MembersFirst™ will install a copy of a powerful, industry-standard analytics suite on your website to help track the delivery of prospects to your site via search engines.