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Relationships are the cornerstone of the club industry — communication is the foundation on which they're built

Nothing is more central to building a vibrant community of engaged and active members than strategically managed communications. It's the utility knife in your marketing toolbox. Communication builds relationships, empowers members, drives facility usage, and improves program participation rates. And when it's managed by a MembersFirst Account Manager, the impact it has on operating performance and marketing results is nothing short of profound. Learn more »

  • Automated Email
  • e-Newsletters
  • Group Email
  • Targeted Messaging
  • Virtual Tours
  • e-Bulletins
  • Message Center
  • Social Networking
  • Event Micro Sites
  • Online Surveys
  • Quick Polls
  • And much more

Engaging. Effective. Actionable.

As the industry's exclusive Managed Service provider, MembersFirst has acquired a unique working understanding of when, why and how different forms of digital communication should be used to meet specific objectives and achieve certain outcomes. We apply proven marketing principles to this proprietary process and create communication campaigns that are as easy and efficient to implement as they are impressive and effective at delivering results. It's no coincidence we encourage comparison and measurement to other service providers. It's because we create and deliver real value in the form of the website traffic we generate, the prospective new members we attract, the members we engage, and the results we produce. The bottom line is it works. See for yourself how our Managed Service and proprietary process works.

The right message to the right member at the right time

Each communication initiative we administer and manage on your behalf is developed in the context of an integrated campaign aimed at achieving a desired outcome. For most of our clients, that means getting more members to spend more time and more money at the club. In every client engagement, we maximize the art and science of interactive communication and its impact to the bottom line. We do so through the deliberate and careful application of known interactive campaign planning best practices to ensure each communication is tasteful, targeted, and timed to elicit the desired result — typically, member interest and action.

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