Managed Service

Let MembersFirst do the work for you

Your Digital Concierge

Managed Service through MembersFirst can support and enhance all of your communication & engagement efforts.

Gain access to a talented team of:

  • In-house Industry Experts
  • Content Consultants
  • Member Engagement Specialists
  • Marketing Professionals
  • Creative Designers
  • Technology Gurus

We are a leader in the club operations space, and we are ready to help. The cost of our Manage Services is less than one single-focused employee.

How it works!

As your managed services provider, we will review your marketing goals, evaluate your challenges, and together create a long or short-term action plan to achieve your objectives. Based on your goals we'll determine key benchmarks and track performance over time. What kind of content do your members respond to best? Which methods increase event registrations? We will oversee and execute your plan in concert with your ever-changing needs.

We'll be there to provide recommendations, keep you up to date, and help make sense of it all.

Proactive Instead of Reactive

MembersFirst employs best practices in its website management to systematically direct members in a way that achieves desired results, such as returning to the website, registering for an event, increasing online tee time or dining reservations, and visiting the club. Our process gets everyone on the same page and determines the team strategy for supporting your objectives. Your dedicated Client Services Manager coordinates it all between the different MembersFirst teams.

  • Website Quality Audits
  • Content Posting
  • Surveys Creation
  • Website Statistics Review
  • Event Microsite Creation
  • Online Proxy Voting Management

Engaging. Effective. Actionable.

Communication builds relationships, empowers members, drives facility usage, and improves program participation rates. Leveraging our expertise in design and our understanding of communication best practices, we create, deploy and manage effective communication campaigns. We believe that nothing is more central to building a vibrant community of engaged and active members than strategically managed communications, and when it's directed by MembersFirst, the impact it has on operating performance and marketing results is nothing short of profound.

Each communication initiative we employ on your behalf is aimed at achieving the desired outcome. We do so through strategic campaign planning best practices to ensure each communication is professional, targeted, and timed to elicit the desired result. We apply proven marketing principles to this process and create communication campaigns that are easy and efficient to implement, as well as impressive and effective at delivering results.

  • Weekly E-Newsletter Distribution
  • Campaign Management
  • More Targeted Messaging
  • More Relevant Communications
  • Increased Read Rates
  • Increased Click-Throughs
  • Increases Participation at Events

We create and deliver real value in the form of the website traffic we generate, the prospective new members we attract, and the results we produce. The bottom line is it works.