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MembersFirst Tee Times™ with golf events provides a simple, flexible, and thoughtfully-created system that integrates seamlessly with our award-winning designs.

You’ll have access to all the functionality of a standard tee time system built for private clubs, but with the addition of:

  • Web-based and mobile-enabled
  • Configurable tee sheet, featuring shotguns and crossover starts
  • Date-driven member and guest play restrictions
  • Customizable email confirmations
  • Automated draw/lottery tee times point-based system for sought after times
  • Squeeze and start times to allow complete control of the first tee
  • Set up playing partners, guest lists, and cart preferences for quick booking
  • Bag & cart tracking to enhance operations
  • Integration with other leading vendors such as Golf Genius, GolfHits, Jonas, and clubsystems group

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MembersFirst Tee Times

For Your Members

We make it simple for your members to quickly create online tee times, sign-up for weekly games, create entries for the club’s tournaments or instantly send a play notification to the club.

Why Members Love It

For Your Staff

Created by club professionals for club professionals. Our system was skillfully crafted based on our real world experience in the golf shop, accounting office, dining room, and marketing department.

Why Staff Love It

For Your Events

Efficiently produce, market and cross-promote golf events directly on the tee sheet. MembersFirst Tee Times™ allows your club to easily capture and store important information and integrate with industry-leading tournament creation software.

Why Events Need It

Let’s Discuss Your Club’s Unique Restrictions

Our system can handle all your club’s rules and play restrictions including:

  • Date-driven restrictions
  • Limiting the number of rounds allowed per member within a timespan
  • Limiting course access for specific member types
  • Restricting the number of rounds a specific guest can play
  • Plus many more configurable options

Here are a few recent fun challenges we solved for our clients:

  • During the summer months, our social members are allowed to play two rounds a month. One of the rounds can be on the weekend but they can only play after 1:00 pm on Saturdays.
  • Our members can play whenever they want, however, tee times are seven days in advance, times with guests are five days in advance and on Saturday mornings only one guest is allowed in a foursome.
  • Our Saturday and Sundays tee times open Monday at 8:00 pm, the rest of our times are three days in advance, opening at midnight.

Tell Us Your Challenging Rules/Restrictions