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We're club industry professionals who are passionate about marketing because we've been there.

A Membership Guide content offer for a Southwest Florida Club launched during their off season, June - August, generated 71 new leads. The club had previously only averaged 3 - 5 leads a month.

Treasure Coast Florida Club added four (4) new members in 2015 and four (4) new members in 2016 using paid search and inbound methods. Equating to average $372K over 7 years in dues revenue.

Over the course of a six month period in 2016 a Treasure Coast Florida Club saw an increase of 43% in inbound leads for Membership and Weddings & Events, just from creating clear conversion paths for four specific content offers.

  • We remember the good times when wait lists were long and prospecting for new members was as simple as a phone call.
  • We know how hard it is to convince a board to invest in marketing without having the numbers to back it up.
  • We've been so strapped for time that we've had to make do with the same old tactics instead of innovating.

The obstacles are stacked high against most club membership and marketing professionals, and that's where MembersFirst Marketing Services comes in. We'll work within your budget to help you achieve your objectives - from generating new membership inquiries, to delivering increased event bookings. How do we accomplish this?

Inbound Marketing

The way we communicate has changed dramatically over the past decade, and so has the way we make purchase decisions. Inbound Marketing is a modern strategy. We utilize Social Media, Blogging, Club-specific Content, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Lead Nurturing to educate and excite the right people about your club. We then identify these people and bring them to you - ready to talk details.

With one of our three club designed packages, we can increase the reach of your marketing efforts and deliver the customized results you need.

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I am getting carpel tunnel responding to all these inquiries.

Paul Lacamera, Membership Committee Chairman, Plymouth Country Club


Your club has had marketing success in the past, but also recognizes that it's time for a strategy update. Our BUILD package starts with an in-depth prospect & keyword analysis. It then leverages this powerful information with the implementation ongoing blogging and conversion strategies - the foundation of your modern marketing strategy. This package includes:

  • Prospect Analysis
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Blogging
  • SEO
  • Conversion Strategy

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Updating marketing strategy is a great start, but your club has personnel restraints and needs help creating content and managing ongoing campaigns too. Our GROW package helps you build your modern marketing strategy by layering on Social Media management and the creation of unique, engaging content to entice and excite club prospects. Includes everything in our Build package plus:

  • Social Media Management
  • Unique Content Creation

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Your club is ready for something more - a marketing strategy and an industry-leading platform to build and manage your programs with - HubSpot. Our ACCELERATE package not only updates your core marketing strategy, it actually puts you in the driver's seat with HubSpot's CRM platform. We help build your modern marketing program, grow the reach of your messaging and put you in control of your sales pipeline. Includes everything in our Grow package plus:

  • Full HubSpot CRM Implementation
  • Social Ad Management

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