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Because Clubs are the Original Social Network

More clubs turn to MembersFirst for social media guidance and management than any other agency. We developed and tested the framework to make social media work for private clubs, and have the most-experienced team in the field. With more experience in social media than any of our contemporaries, our services are extensive and complete:

Training & Consulting

Bring on-site staff up to date with fun and powerful group training hosted by long-time social media experts. Learn how to draft a social media policy for staff and members and determine the best social platforms for your particular brand, goals, and member demographics.

Reputation Monitoring

Uncover online discussions about your club, get notified when new reviews are made, and learn how to respond effectively to flip negative feedback into credibility-building sales pitches.

Communications Management

Let your dedicated Client Services Manager oversee your various social media accounts and automate your communications. We'll moderate discussion, forward inquiries to the appropriate contacts, and adapt content from your newsletter and calendar to fit your particular social platforms.

Sponsored & Targeted Messaging

Ensure your most compelling content appears in the news feeds of your members' friends: the people most likely to become members. In addition, Pay-Per-Click ads can be targeted to social platform users who fit your ideal demographics- right down to age, gender, education, interests, and income.

Analytics & Lead Tracking

Become more efficient by learning which types of content on which networks are most effective for engaging members and generating leads. Drill down into your sales pipeline to see where any given prospect came from, what they're interested in, and if they're engaging with your content.

Our authentic approach preserves your brand and engages members...and friends of members.