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Boost Member Engagement

Registering for events, reserving tee times, viewing club happenings, and more! All at your members' fingertips without the need to log in.

The MembersFirst Mobile App connects seamlessly with your MembersFirst desktop and mobile websites. All content, directories, and reservation systems available within the app tie directly to your club's website and are updated via the MembersFirst admin site. Plus, it offers the most sophisticated push notification targeting available for clubs today!

Connect with Your Members—Anytime, Anywhere

Boost Member Engagement

Targeted Push Notifications

The MembersFirst Mobile App offers the ability to send push notifications via the MembersFirst email system. As a result, you will have access to all of your existing recipient filters, allowing you to send targeted messages in a variety of scenarios. Instead of sending out a mass notification, you can send a notification based on member type, status, their favorite activities, event registrations and more including:

  • Timely Announcements
  • Event Reminders
  • Birthday Wishes
  • Anniversary Congratulations

The possibilities are endless, and so are the opportunities to impress your members.

Alerting Parents of Club Camp Attendees

Push notifications can easily be sent to parents who have kids attending Club Camps. Just think, when the weather suddenly takes a rainy turn, you can quickly send a notification to remind people to pack a jacket for the following day.

Promote Beginner Tennis Lessons

If the club is hosting a free beginner tennis lesson and needed to boost participation, you could send a targeted notification to only members with a tennis rating of 1 or lower.

Newly Designed Directories

Optimized Member and Club directories more closely represent the experience of a native contact's display on a mobile device.

Newly Designed Directories

Update Member Profiles and Preferences

Members can change their profile and preferences directly from their devices. These updates will populate the member preferences and member profiles within the club's desktop and mobile sites.

Integrated Reservations

Our robust reservation systems sync seamlessly with your app, enabling your members to book Tee Times and make Dining Reservations, register for Events, reserve Courts and much more.

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Integrated Reservations

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