Kevin Baer

V.P. of Business Operations

Since: 2/23/2012

photo of  Kevin Baer

As the V.P. of Business Operations, Kevin oversees our Finance, Support, and Sales departments and guides several key product offerings. In addition to his finance background, Kevin brings a wealth of club knowledge and first-class customer service experience to the company.

With over ten years at MembersFirst, he also has 15+ years of private club and hospitality industry experience that started while attending college and covers virtually every area of club staffing and member services. After graduation, Kevin held various club leadership roles, including Club Accountant, Club Manager, Hotel & Conference Manager, Golf Shop Manager, and Food & Beverage Manager. Kevin's career is 'club' through and through, from building club financials, maintaining food minimums, managing the tee sheet, and pouring the perfect pint.