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Digital Marketing - Club Dollars at Work for You Addison Reserve Country Club

Addison Reserve attracts Members who are not just looking for a home in South Florida but a community where the culture is displayed through belonging to a premier club.

The club turned to MembersFirst Digital Marketing Campaigns in 2019 to make a mark in attracting members nationwide by reducing the friction of becoming a member no matter where you are. Over the last four years, our main focus has been to create content that prospects are looking for to keep engagement at the center of prospecting while saving time and reducing manual work.

  • 38% Of New Members in '22 Joined from Digital Marketing
  • 7% of Marketing Email Replies Became Members
  • 58% Increase in Site Traffic
About the Club

Addison Reserve Country Club is a Distinguished Elite Club Award recipient and is recognized as a Platinum Club of America, ranking #5 among the top 150 Platinum Country Clubs in the nation and #25 in the Platinum Clubs of the World.

Summary Investing in the Club's Future

Addison Reserve's primary goal in working with our Marketing Team is to continue to increase the exposure of the club's online presence and convert visitors into leads.

Quality Leads = More Members

To achieve these goals, we have created a plan to provide brand-quality marketing assets. The core marketing product used is Digital Marketing Campaigns. These campaigns consist of landing pages, forms, ebooks, brochures, and guides delivered from social media, organic search, prospects' direct website visits, and digital ads. Each campaign is optimized for SEO to drive traffic to the website.

In the plan we created for Addison, we run (4) four campaigns annually to ensure that content stays fresh. This reduces friction by having new ways to engage with prospects when they come back to visit the website.

To enhance our efforts, we use marketing emails on a cadence to share new content created for the club to recapture the attention of the prospects. If a member refers a prospect, they also get the same content to help make decisions and save the club time.

This strategy produces increased engagement with the most qualified prospects and manual touchpoints are reduced with automation. These campaigns make the membership selection process easier when joining the club.

The Result Increase in Website Traffic with Content increases Revenue

In 2022 Addison Reserve had 640 membership-specific leads. This is a 1066% increase in leads before using MembersFirst Marketing Services. The 2022 leads are expected to be the pool of prospects that will produce 38% of their new Memberships in 2023, with leads maturing on average in one year. After they have become a lead, it doesn't stop there.

As they look at the future, their marketing mirrors their club improvements plan. They will look to replace and add content that promotes prospect engagement and educates them simultaneously. Creating content progressively keeps their brand top of mind, it helps reduce manual work for the club staff, assists in qualifying leads and promotes a sense of pride as leads become new members.

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Of all things we have done for marketing - the Digital Marketing Campaigns with MembersFirst have been our most successful effort. They are classy, match our brand, prospects get an inside look that is professional, and they tie to all of the other areas in the digital space such as Instagram, Facebook, Organic Search, Paid Search, and Direct Traffic Engagement. We always look forward to what is next!

Denise Saari, Membership/Marketing/Communications MANAGER