For Your Events

Have you ever played phone tag with a member in the days leading up to a tournament just to get their guests shirt and shoe size?

Along with the ability to market and display your events directly on the tee sheet, we provide an efficient solution to capture and store all your event information. With MembersFirst Tee Sheet, a customizable amount of time before your tournament begins, the system automatically emails players reminding them to submit any required information.

  • Shirt Size
  • Walking or Riding
  • Favorite type of balls
  • Shoe Size
  • Name of Guest
  • Guest Handicap
  • ...Or anything else you want

The best part, the system stores all the answers to reuse again for future tournaments. Your members tend to invite the same guest to the annual three-day member guest. With our system, they will already have the necessary information for returning guests. It's a time saver for both the members and the staff.

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