For Your Staff

Metedeconk had the pleasure of working closely with MembersFirst to build and implement a 27-hole tee time management system. MembersFirst was extremely open to all of our suggestions and ideas, further proving to us that they wanted to build the best possible system for our needs. We remain thrilled with the product to date and their customer service is second to none. They consistently release updates to stay ahead of the industry and are always available to train new staff on all of their products.

Jamie Mudd, Metedeconk National Golf Club

While creating the MembersFirst tee time system, we skillfully combined our real-life working knowledge of the club industry with our expertise in building software products. We realized the operation at every club is unique, and so are member expectations. MemberFirst tee sheet offers robust tools that will help you define YOUR system so it perfectly fits the way you operate.

Some key feature your entire staff will appreciate:

100% Web Based

Pro's can make changes from the range or the beach based upon time of year, the superintendent can view today's play from their phone and then call the shop to complain about the early groups, the snack bar can see the next group making the turn and get those member's favorite drinks ready, and the GM from their tablet, can quickly create a time for a potential member.

Streamline your check-in process

The golf staff will appreciate the point of sale integration using drag and drop capabilities to quickly and easily create transactions. Your accounting staff will appreciate the accuracy of your billing, which will be based upon your club's current sales and package revenue items codes. The bag room will become more efficient with our interactive bag report.

Don't Break Your Brand

Your club's marketing department put a lot of time and effort into building a great looking website that your members love. So wouldn't it be great to keep that look and feel all the way through? MembersFirst Tee Times has the same design to match the look and feel of your website, giving your members a single, seamless experience when booking their next tee time.

Getting the word out

Bring all your club's activities directly into the tee sheet or email confirmations, assuring complete member satisfaction. Assist the F&B department to promote Mother's Day Brunch, or highlight today's dining specials to entice your members to stay after the round. Utilize the redirect after booking feature to highlight an upcoming fitness series, summer camp or next week's couples twilight.

But really, it's all about golf

Other great tools to help the golf staff throughout the day:

  • Squeeze times
  • Join Me to help members find a game
  • Integrations with tournament software vendors
  • Peer review integration
  • Starter times
  • Pace of play

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